moment.relativeTimeThreshold(unit); // getter moment.relativeTimeThreshold(unit, limit); // setter

duration.humanize has thresholds which define when a unit is considered a minute, an hour and so on. For example, by default more than 45 seconds is considered a minute, more than 22 hours is considered a day and so on. To change those cutoffs use moment.relativeTimeThreshold(unit, limit) where unit is one of ss, s, m, h, d, w, M.

unit meaning usage
ss a few seconds least number of seconds to be counted in seconds, minus 1. Must be set after setting the `s` unit or without setting the `s` unit.
s seconds least number of seconds to be considered a minute.
m minutes least number of minutes to be considered an hour.
h hours least number of hours to be considered a day.
d days least number of days to be considered a week.
w weeks least number of weeks to be considered a month. Not used by default.
M months least number of months to be considered a year.
  // Retrieve existing thresholds
  moment.relativeTimeThreshold('ss'); // 44
  moment.relativeTimeThreshold('s');  // 45
  moment.relativeTimeThreshold('m');  // 45
  moment.relativeTimeThreshold('h');  // 22
  moment.relativeTimeThreshold('d');  // 26
  moment.relativeTimeThreshold('w');  // null (disabled)
  moment.relativeTimeThreshold('M');  // 11

  // Set new thresholds
  moment.relativeTimeThreshold('s', 40);
  moment.relativeTimeThreshold('ss', 3);
  moment.relativeTimeThreshold('m', 40);
  moment.relativeTimeThreshold('h', 20);
  moment.relativeTimeThreshold('d', 25);
  moment.relativeTimeThreshold('w', 4);  // enables weeks
  moment.relativeTimeThreshold('M', 10);

Note: Week unit was added in 2.25.0. By default it is not used (set to null), but you can set it to non-null value, and also (optionally) set d lower, so it transitions from days to weeks earlier.

Note: Retrieving thresholds was added in 2.8.1.

Note: Retrieving and setting ss threshold was added in 2.18.0.