localeData = moment.localeData() localeData.months(Moment) localeData.months() localeData.monthsShort(Moment) localeData.monthsShort() localeData.monthsParse(String) localeData.weekdays(Moment) localeData.weekdays() localeData.weekdays(Boolean) ## Added 2.24.0, sorts weekdays by locale localeData.weekdaysShort(Moment) localeData.weekdaysShort() localeData.weekdaysShort(Boolean) ## Added 2.24.0, sorts weekdays by locale localeData.weekdaysMin(Moment) localeData.weekdaysMin() localeData.weekdaysMin(Boolean) ## Added 2.24.0, sorts weekdays by locale localeData.weekdaysParse(String) localeData.longDateFormat(String) localeData.isPM(String) localeData.meridiem(Number, Number, Boolean) localeData.calendar(String, Moment) localeData.relativeTime(Number, Boolean, String, Boolean) localeData.pastFuture(Number, String) localeData.ordinal(Number) localeData.preparse(String) localeData.postformat(String) localeData.week(Moment) localeData.invalidDate() localeData.firstDayOfWeek() localeData.firstDayOfYear()

You can access the properties of the currently loaded locale through the moment.localeData(key) function. It returns the current locale or a locale with the given key:

// get current locale
var currentLocaleData = moment.localeData();
var frLocaleData = moment.localeData('fr');

The returned object has the following methods:

localeData.months(aMoment);  // full month name of aMoment
localeData.monthsShort(aMoment);  // short month name of aMoment
localeData.monthsParse(longOrShortMonthString);  // returns month id (0 to 11) of input
localeData.weekdays(aMoment);  // full weekday name of aMoment
localeData.weekdaysShort(aMoment);  // short weekday name of aMoment
localeData.weekdaysMin(aMoment);  // min weekday name of aMoment
localeData.weekdaysParse(minShortOrLongWeekdayString);  // returns weekday id (0 to 6) of input
localeData.longDateFormat(dateFormat);  // returns the full format of abbreviated date-time formats LT, L, LL and so on
localeData.isPM(amPmString);  // returns true iff amPmString represents PM
localeData.meridiem(hours, minutes, isLower);  // returns am/pm string for particular time-of-day in upper/lower case
localeData.calendar(key, aMoment);  // returns a format that would be used for calendar representation. Key is one of 'sameDay', 'nextDay', 'lastDay', 'nextWeek', 'prevWeek', 'sameElse'
localeData.relativeTime(number, withoutSuffix, key, isFuture);  // returns relative time string, key is on of 's', 'm', 'mm', 'h', 'hh', 'd', 'dd', 'M', 'MM', 'y', 'yy'. Single letter when number is 1.
localeData.pastFuture(diff, relTime);  // convert relTime string to past or future string depending on diff
localeData.ordinal(number);  // convert number to ordinal string 1 -> 1st
localeData.preparse(str);  // called before parsing on every input string
localeData.postformat(str);  // called after formatting on every string
localeData.week(aMoment);  // returns week-of-year of aMoment
localeData.invalidDate();  // returns a translation of 'Invalid date'
localeData.firstDayOfWeek();  // 0-6 (Sunday to Saturday)
localeData.firstDayOfYear();  // 0-15 Used to determine first week of the year.

Details about firstDayOfYear can be found in the customization section.