There are several great options to consider using instead of Moment.

When choosing, consider that:

Here are the alternatives we recommend:


Luxon can be thought of as the evolution of Moment. It is authored by Isaac Cambron, a long-time contributor to Moment. Please read Why does Luxon exist? and the For Moment users pages in the Luxon documentation.


Day.js is designed to be a minimalist replacement for Moment.js, using a similar API. It is not a drop-in replacement, but if you are used to using Moment's API and want to get moving quickly, consider using Day.js.


Date-fns offers a series of functions for manipulating JavaScript Date objects. For more details, scroll to "Why date-fns?" on the date-fns home page.


js-Joda is a JavaScript port of Java's Three-Ten Backport, which is the base for JSR-310 implementation of the Java SE 8 java.time package. If you are familiar with java.time, Joda-Time, or Noda Time, you will find js-Joda comparable.

No Library

JavaScript has always had a Date object, defined ECMAScript (ECMA-262) specification here.

When using Date objects, be aware of the following:

Modern JavaScript environments will also implement the ECMA-402 specification, which provides the Intl object, and defines behavioral options of the Date object's toLocaleString, toLocaleDateString, and toLocaleTimeString functions.

When using the Intl object, be aware of the following:

If the Date and Intl objects meet your needs and you fully understand their limitations, then you might consider using them directly.