npm install moment-timezone

In Node.js, all the data is preloaded. No additional code is needed for loading data.

var moment = require('moment-timezone');

In ECMAScript native module format (or in TypeScript):

import moment from 'moment-timezone';

Note: You don't need to require/import the base moment library as well. Moment Timezone will automatically load and extend the moment module, then return the modified instance.

Package managers like npm and yarn can sometimes create situations where multiple versions of moment are installed. Importing only from moment-timezone can help ensure that the same version is used consistently. See this comment on issue #982 for a much more detailed explanation, including steps to fix potential versioning problems.

// Unnecessary, can cause issues with package managers
import moment from 'moment';
import 'moment-timezone';

// Correct
import moment from 'moment-timezone';

The pre-built bundles are also included in the npm package, and can be loaded directly. These allow you to import the library with a smaller subset of data.

import moment from 'moment-timezone/builds/moment-timezone-with-data-10-year-range.js'; // or .min.js

You can also import just the library without any preloaded data.

import moment from 'moment-timezone/moment-timezone.js'; // or .min.js;